Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,


We are living in 21st century – the century of communication!


International business, traveling and education are getting more important nowadays. Keeping pace with the times, offering new and innovative ways to exchange experiences and improving skills is consistency in the scientific world. We believe that innovative development is carried out simultaneously at all levels, but not limited to topics, trends or areas of activity. So do not stay and work on the "accumulated scheme" because the genius is who is unordinary in their decisions.


Trainings and courses need to provide new methods adjusted to modern ways of communication and life-style.


To find new innovation is getting more and more difficult. Teaching and education should be based on a high level of scientific research and should develop according to the demand of markets.


Our Projects

1. Establishment of cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises

2. Mediation of business contacts

3. Assistance in business start-up

4. Organization of trips for rising skills, events and incentives

5. International Recruitment

6. Business Consulting

7. Initiating and coordinating of international scientific researches






Michael Schaefer,



Poitiers, France


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Association "1901 SEPIKE"

Last Up-Date: 12.09.2018

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