Many Years of Experience

Our Board is carefully recruited from chosen Universities and Academies all over Europe.

All teachers look back on a long experience but also on innovation and development. They are not old fashioned but up to date!

The idea of the Academy is to offer modern innovative education without limits and borders for everyone!

Meet Our Partners

Our Junior Enterprises are the result of successful projects of our students. 

Each group creates one or more new businesses based in Germany and can continue them after successful Start-Up from our Academy.

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Why should we study with you?

Our teachers are carefully recruited and look back on a long experience. Each teacher here has to go through a Quality Management before teaching any lessons. Teachers have always to study and to be up to date. Our board members do have a long teaching experience, our passion is to teach you to achieve your goals and success. 

Our prices are fixed, we do not change them during our agreement with you, we do provide you with all necessary material.

We offer each student a pay-less trial lesson to get in contact with the tutor before starting and buying lessons.

Our service starts with exam preparation, help in school subjects, language teaching and preparation for language exams, and much more. Write us and we can discuss your needs. 

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Scientific Research

Impact of Demographic Development and Innovative Education on Economic Security & Labor Market Security following the European Strategy of „SBA“ (Small Business Act).

​Practical Projects

The search for skilled workers and specialists assumes new dimensions to increase sales and profits which affects further business development.

Therefore companies, employment agencies, associations and recruitment agencies looking for new ways to find young professionals.

Our idea of a new and innovative university not only combines theory and practice, but prepares students effectively and targeted to their subsequent activities and engages in parallel the issue of financing and cost-cutting.



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