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The 21st century is already well advanced and was named as the century of communication!

Nevertheless, many companies and educational institutions have not yet arrived there; teaching materials and teaching methods often have the status of the 90s.

International business, travel and education are now becoming increasingly important and are changing faster and faster. This means that modern education must keep pace with the time, with new and innovative ways to share experiences as well as the improvement of skills in a rapidly changing global and modern scientific world.

Innovative development takes place simultaneously at all levels, not limited to issues, trends or activities. Stagnation means regression, so we do not want to stand on a level reached by our project, but try to show new perspectives in order to find new and perhaps unusual ways. Modern education and training needs new methods and modern forms, which must be adjusted promptly to global communication and life-style.

Our project aims at a high level of scientific research and at the same time gaining practical experience, adapted to innovative and modern markets.




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Globalization faces companies increasingly with new and greater challenges in competing for market share. The rapid development of technology and the change of customer behavior require a complex and efficient operational management including marketing, merchandising, logistics, customizing, human resources and many other integrated areas. New issues in quality management, controlling and in innovation are an existential necessity for the success of businesses today. But not only these factors play a crucial role in the field of education and training, but also issues such as demographic development, lack of skilled labor, youth unemployment, etc.

In the battle for qualification, budgeting and financing of modern colleges and universities, the fight for students will be the factor of the future. The times in which state colleges and universities haven´t had to worry about existence or financing, are over in the 21st century.

Due to declining student enrollment, demographic development, globalization and other factors, it is also true to think more and more entrepreneurial and to develop new strategies, methods and marketing concepts for a long-term claim on the education market.

Reasons, developments and tendencies are rudimentary covered subsequently in this work. We also show solutions and describe an innovative type of training, which includes the issue of integration of theory and practice to meet the needs of companies and the market.



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