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Journal Association 1901 SEPIKE


The scientific journal "Association 1901 SEPIKE" is positioned as the publication of international structures to promote learning and dissemination of modern pedagogy and methods, techniques and economic standards.

Scientific publication

The founder and the legal editor are the 1901 SEPIKE Association.

The founding initiative belongs to a group of European scientists from different European universities. This initiative was supported at the annual meeting of the 1901 SEPIKE Association in 2012.

This journal is conceived as a publication intended for a wide public of the European region and of the world which occupies professionally the theory and the practice of the educational and economic activities.

Justification: The educational and economic activities of the European region differ from one another in the degree of development, the nature of the procedures, the level of technologies used and the relations with business and administration. However, they share a common commitment to reform their activities on the basis of the best international standards, to implement new methods, technologies and standards contributing to the simplification of educational and economic procedures and to gain more experience and practice. Much needs to be done for the development of international relations in the region as well as for deepening scientific cooperation with other institutions to establish partnerships between the administration, educational institutions and companies. All these issues require analysis and decisions based on scientific research, regional characteristics and best practices.

In order to coordinate the work on partnerships, scientific research and cooperation of the European region, the 1901 SEPIKE Association started working as a non-profit organization in Poitiers, France in 2010. It is necessary to create partnerships, to implement cooperation between educational institutions, the administration and companies of the European Union, to organize an international symposium, scientific conferences, seminars and joint programs Scientific research to exchange experiences, create a network, help students with their own Business Start-up and offer scientific publications to all at a high international level at an affordable price to make science independent of capital.

The "Association 1901 SEPIKE" Journal is one of the platforms to promote the learning and dissemination of modern methods, techniques and educational and economic standards for prospective use in the region. All officials in the region and institutions of higher education and research from different countries, as well as representatives of international organizations and enterprises related to pedagogy and economics, etc., may publish their documents. The journal includes the sections on issues of modern pedagogy and economics in order to increase innovation and relations between educational institutions, administration and enterprises, problems of vocational training in the fields of pedagogy And the economy and implementation of new methods, techniques, standards, achievements and best practices.

The 1901 SEPIKE Scientific Journal Association has a multidimensional objective. The articles published in the journal deal with theoretical and practical questions of pedagogical and economic activity. The journal serves as a channel for the exchange of scientific and professional information and offers scientists and professionals an opportunity to present the results of their research in the fields of public administration, economics, law and pedagogical sciences .

Publication of scientific articles and reviews on the main problems of partnership between the SEPIKE Association 1901, educational institutions and enterprises, as well as examination of experience documents, publications of young scientists, Reference documents and announcements mainly related to thesis research reviews, new publications, forums, presentations, training centers, higher education institutions that provide vocational training, training programs and research projects.
The initial idea for the publication of the journal in English has received positive feedback. However, in order to enlarge the public of the authors and readers of our newspaper, it is published in the five most widely spoken languages ​​among the countries of the region: German, English, French, Spanish and Russian (parallel or mixed editions).

180-250 conventional printed sheets, four times a year

Europe, CIS countries, North America

International community: representatives of administrations throughout the world, educational institutions and scientific organizations, other institutions working in the field of education or economics, subjects of foreign economic activity.

It is an international group of scientists with extensive research, practical experience and recognition in the fields of pedagogy or economics or foreign economic activity.
The paper received an international ISSN (ISSN 2196-9531, e-ISSN 2372-7438), which should be checked annually for frequency and quality of problems. The next step should be a gradual but rather lengthy preparation for the submission of papers in order to integrate the newspaper into international scientometric foundations that will enable the newspaper to gain significant recognition and influence as well as financial resources to ensure its operation.

This work implies the extension of the international body of authors and the international composition of the editorial board, mainly by means of attracting more scientists with a citation index, permanent perfection, an article review instrument as well as promotion Of the newspaper subscription.

The main prerequisite for the magazine to be popular and quoted is a permanent perfection of the newspaper's website, which will provide full information on the journal (a clearly outlined review policy describing the aims and objectives of the journal, full information on the committee The country of affiliation of each member of the editorial board, the titles and summaries of each downloadable document on the website as soon as the next issue of the journal is published.

An important step will be to establish the Drafting Advisory Board, composed of well-known persons in the field of international pedagogy and economics.